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Is There An Effective Way For Your College To Improve Student Employment Success?

YES! In fact, there is a way for colleges to help 100% of their students and greatly improve their chances for employment success, at no additional cost to the college.

Although my statement may sound unrealistic, difficult and potentially expensive, improving your student employment performance rate does not have to be costly and can be quite easy to do. You can create a win-win for everyone.

The fact remains that there actually is a simple way to help all of your students get better prepared to compete for the best jobs in their fields of interest.

To do that, students must know:

- How the employment process works

- What their target employers want, need and expect from them

- How they can best satisfy the expectations of their target employers

To ensure that this happens, Career Services Professionals will need to:

- Reach

- Inform

- Teach

- Motivate

- Guide

- Coach

Of course, not every college

can devote the personnel, time, money and other resources

for the traditional methods

needed to effectively help large numbers of students

with their job search preparation activities.


many Colleges have recently learned

about the no cost way

to better serve their students

and give them

a competitive edge in the job market.

These college leaders were concerned about student success in the job market and wanted their students to be more effective. They searched the internet and visited social networking sites to find out what people were talking about. They learned about a variety of systems, tools and materials like The Job Search Preparation Systemâ„¢. They came across articles and books like A Successful Senior Year Job Search Begins In The Freshman Year. College leaders like this don’t wait for approval, they go out on their own to seek out useful approaches that can help students find employment success. They follow these steps:

- Conduct Research

- Identify the Possibilities

- Evaluate the Alternatives

- Implement the Best Choices

- Critique the Results

- Make Adjustments

If you would like to reach and provide 100% of your students with the job search preparation information and tools they need to find success in the job market, start now. This approach simply requires you to shift your thinking and behavior to a way that cuts to the chase. Keep in mind that giant leaps forward seldom occur by trying to do the same old things better. A change to something different is usually necessary.

When nearly all of your seniors are finding a high degree of success in the job market (jobs with desirable employers in their fields of study, jobs that pay well enough for them to live independently and have career potential) you do not need a new approach. However, if that is not the case right now and you are open to a different approach, be aware that you can change direction and begin to create a level of student employment success that attracts the attention of more high potential students and their parents.